Hello world!

Welcome to the little nook of the world that is the Knitted Swimsuit website and blog. Here you can click through to the Knitted Swimsuit shop to stock up on handmade dressing up clothes and accessories for children. Or you can have a mooch through my blog where I talk about all this play related, tell stories, sew things for children and adults and generally ponder on what I make of all the mullarky around me. Nice to have you here.

Gerry x

By Gerry

Knitted Swimsuit is a small business that designs and makes beautiful and quirky dressing up clothing and accessories for children...and the occasional adult. Originally created by the super team of Geraldine Rennie and Bryony Lunn. Bryony is currently using her superpowers elsewhere but pops back in to maintain standards of fun and frolics.

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