knitted swimsuit

Welcome to the world of Knitted Swimsuit. Here at KS we design, make and sell fun dressing up clothes and accessories for children aged 3 – 7. Want to head straight to the shop? Click the menu up in the top right corner.

So what’s your superpower?

So if you have a small person at preschool / kindergarten / in KS1 or under the kitchen table we can offer beautifully made playthings to boost their imagination, empathy and all round tomfoolery. PS due to an expression of outrage and a small flounce we have also included some products for adults and teenagers.

It’s for the good of my ‘elf!

Please use the menu to find your way to the Etsy shop, the burblings on the blog or if you want to see what we look like in real life try the about page.

Gorr blimey Mary Poppins!